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1829 Mont-Royal is. MTL. H2H 1J2

The story

Ananas & Bananas it is above all two friends, two accomplices and this, for more than 20 years. Anne and Marie-Claude have always shared common tastes and similar values; a great wealth! They love challenges and share the passion of travel. Their complicity and love of life led them to this new adventure that is the company Ananas & Bananas.

Anne Lespérance owns the company "Belle et rebelle inc" for more than 10 years. Over the years, she has worked with more than a hundred Quebec creators. Today, she enjoys a solid reputation in the fashion industry in Quebec. His great passion for Asia led him to create business ties and friendships. It is with great gratitude that she enters this beautiful adventure with her great "boyfriend".

Marie-Claude Châtillon has worked since 17 years in the world of major cultural events as head of operations. His experience has allowed him to develop knowledge in all areas of production. She has also studied tourism and worked as a guide. His various travels have allowed him to develop rich relationships with people while adapting easily to different environments and cultures.

In 2017, they decide to join forces and their luggage towards this unique journey Banana pineapple.

Embark with them!

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